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 Could this work?

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PostSubject: Could this work?   Mon Aug 04, 2014 6:43 pm

Having seen JH's comments on the other side would thiis be worth a try?.......... in F1
Do away with one of the roof colours ( less likely to have to change the paint as bigger steps between grades and also one less grade to jump the start).
Also allow the white tops to race in every heat they want to to gain track time/experience/set up knowledge but only score points from their best 1 (if a 3 heat meeting) or 2 (if its a two thirds meeting). This will boost grid sizes slightly and make it harder for the top guys.
Maybe this would encourage more newcomers to the sport also? Maybe a couple more incentives for white tops in their first 2 seasons of racing (always the most expensive due to the learning curve) eg. An extra 50 if they complete full race distance in any 3 races.
Also look at allowing a driver to start from one grade lower on the grid if they race on a non prefered surface and only have 1 car......... it might encourage a few more drivers to venture onto a less familiar surface.
Any more thoughts anyone has to get more drivers on track please feel free to share them here.
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PostSubject: Re: Could this work?   Mon Aug 04, 2014 11:45 pm

Grafter i agree about the roof colours as now with all the sponsors names etc how about having coloured numbers to give the grade surely much cheaper than a respray and a mandatory drivers name at front of aerofoil
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Carl H


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PostSubject: Re: Could this work?   Tue Aug 05, 2014 1:23 pm

I've made various suggestions about roof colours in the past, from not having them at all, to having a coloured plate in a specific position on the car (like at Warton), to having a 3 or 4 inch border of solid colour around the edge of the aerofoil upon which no signs are permitted.

In general, the drivers aren't in favour of changes.
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Stu Baxel


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PostSubject: Re: Could this work?   Mon Aug 18, 2014 9:01 pm

To be fair, regarding roof colours, I don't think there is a better way than what is currently used, problem is after a few laps on a wet shale track, all the cars are the same colour, from the nerfs up to the aeroaerofoil, tarmac Iis obviously not a problem, although it is very easy to distinguish 53 , and 390, regardless of how much shale that they have accumulated on their cars, and they are recognisable, not by just their wings, but also shape, also 55 has that unmistakable engine roar, I have often thought about this, and at times must be a nightmare for Mr starter, and lap scorers, It is rightly so that the World champ,Euro champ, Points champ, and British champ, proudly display thier colours, but I do feel for the drivers, some of the aerofoils on thier cars are works of art, and it must cost a fortune to keep them looking like so, no disrespect but look at lee fairhursts red wing now, that is all it is a red wing with 217 on it, consider for instance Tony Smith, he has been Yellow, Blue , and Red, as has been Rob Cowley, and obviously many more, It is obvious to me that the drivers are proud of their cars,( and rightly so ) they want them to look presentable, and will perhaps spend more than neseccary to keep tham looking good, although this may change month on month, how many cars do we see with a blue aerofoil, crudely covrered in yellow tape, knowing or expexting that the very next month, they will be back to blue ?and vice verca, so as said the old tried and trusted way is so far the best,

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PostSubject: Re: Could this work?   

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Could this work?
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