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 Quick question

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PostSubject: Quick question   Wed Sep 03, 2014 7:53 am

Which of Tom Harris's cars has the ex Lenny Smith (7 grand) engine fitted? As I just remembered this from his interview last year.......
What about engines? Do you maintain and rebuild them?

No thatís far too complicated and has more financial risk, I donít even do my own engines. Big Ron does the engine in my shale car and the tarmac car has a Gaerte engine from America. I can fit engines but I wouldnít want to start stripping them down itís not my thing.

The one from the states sounds a bit more expensive but just having a quick look at their website I can see that it may have been the cheapest option and not just down to getting the latest trick bits..... $18000 for over 700hp on that 406ci is cheap compared to some figures I've heard thrown about
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Quick question
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