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 Closed season project

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PostSubject: Closed season project   Wed Nov 19, 2014 8:14 pm

Right come on then, how about this for a closed season, keep you interested in the racing post.

As a previous post has indicated, another former site of a short oval has bitten the dust, ie Norton Canes.

I've just come across Bing maps, other types of this web site or whatever it is called are obviously available.

Any one who knows me will obviously tell you I'm a simply bloke, who hasn't really got up to speed with modern technology and, to be honest I'm not going to disagree !

Is it possible with sites like Bing, Google et al that we as supporters have access to in conjunction with old fashioned OS maps could help pin point the site of the starters rostrums/finishing line at all the long gone stadiums that graced our sport, or bend one, the back straight, and if they are still accessable ie not in someones front living room plant a marker or a tree, or even have a photograph taken to say this was a particular point at a great sporting stock car racing venue ?

The idea came to me a few weeks ago after looking at a report on a web site about the sites of former football grounds. Former Centre circles are marked, penalty spots are marked for posterity, why not something along these lines for OUR sport.

I,ve been told that a section of Nelson's back straight wall is still in situ, is that correct, one of New Crosses former entrance ways was still in existence ten fifteen years ago, is it still there, and what else could we find from the maps ?

Lets be honest, if we can land a space craft on a comet 385 million miles away after a ten year flight, can't we pin point some famous points at famous former stock car stadiums !!

Happy map hunting,

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Closed season project
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