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 F2 National Points chase

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PostSubject: Re: F2 National Points chase   Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:34 am

Thanks Carlton for the stats. It shows that a couple of drivers could challenge Gordon if they were to do a few more meetings and maintain form. If they knew that they didn't have to do 90% of meetings to mount a challenge then maybe they and a few others would step up?
Thanks for coming out the closet Dave. Like you say I am full of ideas (some good I'm told and a few less so). But I only have the sports best interests at heart and the drivers safety.
Having spoken (as you suggest) directly to the powers that be in the past regards changes and having them fall on deaf ears. So since then I have posted my thoughts on the forum to open the eyes of others to new ideas and solutons to issues. I try hard to never just moan and always post about issues along with a possible solution.
I don't know if my thoughts are listened to more this way than than others but I have seen changes. From the introduction of Defnder head restraints (researched and sang the vitues of the design a year before the 1st one came on the oval scene)/ crumple zones on cars (the bumpers now have something but the 2 part nerf has not come to fruition as yet)/ flags and traffic lights in sync ((much better....even at Coventry (just the restart in the second mini heat was bad when it still took a lap for the lights to go green!)....I still say more lights and do away with the starter for starts)/ Kings Lynn have gone above and beyond their call of duty when it comes to offering value to kids ((I believe all kids under 11 should go free or if there is a charge the promotors should put a bit extra on for them to do (it doesn't have to be as flash as a free fun fair. Just hand out free colouring posters and crayons and run a competition to have the consolation winner pick pic their favourite and then they get to help present the final winners trophy and have it signed). Pre meeting meet the drivers session to get kids to find their favourites and get them into following their new found heros. Face painting in their favourite drivers colours and numbers....its the little things that get them hooked))/ Kings Lynn have also introduced a scoreboard to help folk read a race easier/ even Mr Harrhy took note and cut off his new chassis leg and put another one back using the correct grade of steel (that must have caused him a little embarrassment but saved him a big headache in the long run).
So I will carry on as I am for now and save my opinions from possibly effecting others I am connected to in our great sport.
Oh and thanks for going off topic  lol!
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PostSubject: Re: F2 National Points chase   Fri Apr 10, 2015 9:11 am

top six in points, after Skegness last night, unofficial from Dave Wayne

George MacMillan 403, Craig Wallace 304, Chris Burgoyne 297, Dave Polley 256, Andrew Palmer 245, Kelvyn Marshall 277
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F2 National Points chase
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