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 Don't be afraid......

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PostSubject: Don't be afraid......   Sat Jul 18, 2015 12:42 am

I know quite a few fans shy away from having a quick chat with a variety of our oval drivers. Well just get to track a bit earlier and try your luck......I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Many of us put the drivers on a sort of metaphorical pedestal. But remember this sport is a drivers hobby and passion....most love to talk about it and hear folks thoughts and experiences.
If you still can't bring your self to do it, here is an example that may help. Some drivers i know have other pastimes (hard to belive they have time for anything else i know). Some have your more expected second hobbies like classic cars and tractors but others have intests that may be a little more surprising; including one i spoke to recently who fancies their chances on master chef. So do your self a favour when you do get round to having a quick word and imagine them standing before you in a might make it a bit easier.
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Don't be afraid......
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