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 Quick change around

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PostSubject: Quick change around   Sun Dec 06, 2015 10:01 am

Has this been tried before?......and if not would it work?
A different format of racing giving a quick turnaround with intense bursts of action. Here goes the explanation (hopefully)......
Allow 16 or 20 cars onto the infield...going on national points standings group theminto 4 or 5 a driver is drawn from each group and lines up single file. The race then takes place over 5 racing laps after a rolling start. Next race having already been drawn lines up and so on (no stoppages for cars coming on or going off track). Then all the winners compete in a final 5 lap dash (still a single file start in national points order).
Obviuosly this would not count towards any national points but would add a new slant on a dash for cash type race as an additional event.
Maybe a tweak to car numbers or the odd lap or two would help but imo it would keep punters and drivers focused and new comers could follow it easily.
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Quick change around
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