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 A fresh start

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PostSubject: A fresh start   Thu Jan 21, 2016 8:54 pm

Been thinking about this over the closed season. As a follow up to the NEC show Wouldn't it it be great to bring all the oval community together to showcase and learn from each other prior to the season starting in earnest. The NEC is fine but oval racing is always going to be second fiddle to the big money motorsports.
With the new impetuous from 4FS marketing I think a day/weekend in late February at a tar venue would be a fantastic way to get everyone together and have slots for new potential drivers to get on track for a taster (or any 2 seaters for passenger rides)/ pre season scrutineering/ demostrations for potential sponsors and what series or titles are available/ swap meet/cars for sale and trade stands (for those last minute bits to go racing)/ driver/promotors q&a for fans/ training courses for marshalls/ jobs (voluntary or paid at tracks or promotions). Just bring it all together for a great season starter and charge a nominal 5 entry.
Its a quiet time of year still and the likes of Motoring News are looking to fill get in early!
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Number of posts : 2114
Registration date : 2007-12-07

PostSubject: Re: A fresh start   Sat Jan 30, 2016 3:43 pm

Well I have to say our lad is taking after me a bit affraid . His take on promotion.....a one off free* to attend race meeting (incorporating the above) but mid season. Instead of spending umpteen thousand pounds on events like the nec or motofest and being shoehorned out of the way; why not put that money into putting on a proper race meeting (no start money or prize money for drivers; just for the love of the sport), that will keep overheads down and benefit both drivers and promotors in the future. Advertise this only through free media and viral videos on the net (it should help capture the younger genertion).
The only catch for spectators?.....*you only get in free if the car you arrive in has at least four people in. Otherwise park off site in another field at 20 ish per vehicle.
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A fresh start
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