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 Lack of consistency

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PostSubject: Lack of consistency    Tue May 10, 2016 11:43 pm

I'm sorry to say but the BriSCA name is looking a bit more tarnished than usual of late. The inconsistent implementation of rules and regulations is getting in the way of the fun on track and the whole show is becoming increasingly unprofessional......
The inconsistent use of weighing scales (if they are going to be used then make sure it happens at all events and the rules are made known to all).
The poor starts and restarts (we've all talked about extra traffic lights and the use of in car radio; time to put it into action).
Even the number colour rule has not been enforced in any way,shape or form as far as I can tell.
Lots of talk about cost cutting and improved safety from the technical team but so little to actually see at the moment.
Come on BriSCA/ORCI show some professionalism!
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big mac

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PostSubject: Re: Lack of consistency    Wed May 11, 2016 6:08 pm

Inconsistent use of weighing scales??

Rules are made known to all??
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PostSubject: Re: Lack of consistency    Wed May 11, 2016 9:20 pm

Well the drivers seem to vote in some rule changes at their agm only for the BMB to keep things the same or add things must be confusing for drivers to walk out of their agm and think they have got to make changes to their car for next season; to then find out later that the work they have done is no longer required eg. Last agm's nerf rail modifications.
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PostSubject: Re: Lack of consistency    Fri May 13, 2016 2:56 pm

The issue re. traffic lights is now being aired by a couple of drivers.....on the dark side.
rb14, on 12 May 2016 - 2:29 PM, said:
Sorry to resurrect this thread but see this in bold...

rb14, on 25 Apr 2016 - 3:16 PM, said:

Race 3
Nashnul were amazing. I went backwards from the start. There was something wrong (my head?) in the opening laps and I found a gaggle of cars coming through. By the time I'd screwed my head on, I was in a millionth place. Actually, I thought I was about 10th, maybe 12th. And so I had to knuckle down. Others had been putting the bumper in and I wasn't about to stand on ceremony as I fought back for the points-paying positions. Unfortunately, despite making a load of places, I ended up P12. The car though was absolutely flying. I'm not saying I couldn't have driven better in my earlier races, but I definitely gave the last ten laps of the race my best shot.

...I've just found out what the problem was. When I got back to the truck Ryan was like "Why were you a big girl Roger at the start? You went backwards." I could only say "There was a reason but I've no idea what it was." And that was the truth. Then. Well, today I remembered. Thanks to the wonders of the t'internet, it's there in plain view. In this video, the amber lights are clearly flashing throughout the first 35 seconds of the race. And in case you think it's a rogue traffic light facing the wrong way (and why was it facing the wrong way?), check out the light that's flashing in the right of the shot where the cars are entering T1. That was the one that I saw for the first two or three laps.

In circuit racing, ignoring signals is an offence that attracts the heaviest penalites. I couldn't understand why everyone carried on racing. When eventually they went green, I could start my race. Down in 17th place.

Why mention it? Why indeed. Unless we all take the signals seriously, what's the point? Again in circuits, there is no "I didn't see the lights/flags" excuse. If you try that one, you're MORE likely to receive a suspension. The argument goes that if you're so incompetent you can't see signals. you shouldn't have a license. And if you can't see because your visor was covered in stuff, you should have pulled off anyway.

The number of cars that jump the start/overtake when the yellows come out/continue racing until someone else slows down, is disgraceful. We drivers should ALL be ashamed.

Hi Roger,

The problem here is consistency. The same video also shows the infield marshals waving green flags. So one set of signals indicate that the race hasn't started, one set does. Which takes precedence?

It's not just a Buxton issue - I've noticed it at other venues too. The traffic lights are great, but if drivers know/suspect that they're not going to be accurate, they won't pay any attention to them. In which case, they're just a chocolate teapot.
So just why can't this be done? Is it due to cost/ inability or just laziness?
It would make for safer and fairer
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PostSubject: Re: Lack of consistency    

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Lack of consistency
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