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 Promoter / Drivers Responsiblities?

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PostSubject: Promoter / Drivers Responsiblities?   Thu Mar 02, 2017 2:14 pm

I don't know why but every time something goes wrong in our sport it always seems to be the Promoters who get all the flack whilst the drivers seem to be immune from criticism.
If the racing is pants then it's down to the Promoter. If only twenty cars turn up for a meeting - it's down to the Promoter. If the meeting last 5 hours then it's down to the Promoter (and nothing to do with the needless yellow flags for drivers who don't want to scratch their cars).

I do understand the old adage - 'Our sport is essentially an expensive hobby for drivers.' But really, when are they going to take some responsibility?

Okay, so the final Wimbledon meeting is 'out of season' (well, 2 weeks before the 1st Belle Vue) and I think it's disgusting that only 12 drivers have booked in to race (only Mick Sworder out of the top names). This is an important meeting - you only have to look at the 45 saloon drivers who have booked in (and most of them will have raced at Kings Lynn the night before!)

In the '90's the drivers (or rather the BSCDA) demanded less meetings so the meetings that did run would be better attended. Well we have less meetings but the numbers have never increased on what we had before. And with less meetings to attend a lot of drivers called it a day.
It was the drivers (or rather the BSCDA) who wanted to use separate cars for shale & tarmac which pretty much doubled the cost of racing and saw the retirement of a lot of the sports backbone drivers. I think this also led to a lot of spectators turning their backs on our sport as tarmac racing became NOT stock car racing. This was down to the use of racing tyres (again something that the drivers demanded). The drivers wanted super-slick tarmac specials that looked great but they didn't want to damage them so our sport turned into Hot Rods with bumpers.
Today we are still stuck with that legacy.
We have only 6 regular tracks left (Belle Vue, Birmingham, Kings Lynn, Northampton, Skegness & Stoke). Any track that only stages 1 or 2 meetings a year can't be classed as regular (i.e. Hednesford, Buxton, Ipswich, Sheffield etc) and so drivers are basically having to build shale cars to race on just 3 tracks and tarmac cars for 3 tracks. Surely anyone can see that this not financially viable. I know we're not talking FIA Formula One sized budgets but the way our sport has gone over the last 2 decades has pretty much priced the 'ordinary bloke' out of ever competing (other than with a Matt Newson hire car). Why would anyone spend thousands of pounds on a car that you can only race at 2 - 3 tracks? How can you build up local interest from drivers and spectators when their local track has one annual meeting?

I remember when I first discovered stock car racing in the seventies it seemed like the drivers were enjoying themselves. Now it's all too serious.

Semi-Final meetings used to be showcases for our sport, special occasions that would bring rare visits from drivers from all parts of the country even if they weren't actually in the semi's.
Nowadays, drivers turn up, race in their semi-final and then load up. Not a care in the world for the spectators who have paid extra admission for such a meeting.
The Shoot-Out Final is the same. A showcase meeting at the end of the season to celebrate what's gone before, but we get roughly 30-odd drivers willing to support it.
And this seems to be the case at Wimbledon. They seem to have no desire to be part of this special occasion and this must reflect badly on us from the perspective of other oval sport enthusiasts.

Yes drivers have to spend a lot to travel and race at a meeting but we, as spectators spend our hard earned cash on travelling far and wide to watch the sport we love.

As much as I want to still love our sport, I'm afraid it seems that the drivers (BSCDA) have always had all the power and if they don't get what they want, they'll sulk and won't race. The fans are the one's that always lose.

I bought my tickets for the last Wimbledon long before I know the bookings and I am still looking forward to the Saloons & Superstox, but as for the F1's, it feels like they're a support formula for the other two. When the UK Modifieds supported the F1's at Coventry last year, most people said they were a waste of time as there were only 12-14 cars on track. Fans of Superstox and Saloons must feel the same about F1's!

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PostSubject: Re: Promoter / Drivers Responsiblities?   Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:35 pm

Someone is going to get beaks out of hibernation. But I would not put too much weight on the majority of drivers as over 50% of registered driver do less than 10 meetings per season. Also you only have to look at the number of registered drivers who attend the drivers agm and you soon realise why there is little chance of a change towards cheaper stockcar racing.
The point of costs has been going on for years and yet more racing specific control parts are being brought in; which only serve to help the top dozen drivers and penalise the majority of other drivers. When anyone says anything about this they get told "you can always go and race V8 stox". You only have to look at qualtity drivers who despite years of racing have walked away from the sport in frustration; like Steve Cayzer and Ďan Squire to na e but two.
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cockney boy

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PostSubject: Re: Promoter / Drivers Responsiblities?   Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:21 pm

I had 4 tickets to go Didnt bother to go in the end as there wasnt many f1s going .
Plus the weather wasnt very good
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PostSubject: Re: Promoter / Drivers Responsiblities?   

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Promoter / Drivers Responsiblities?
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