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 Bill Batten, Stuart Smith or Rob Speak

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PostSubject: Bill Batten, Stuart Smith or Rob Speak   Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:08 pm

Quotes taken from the last book you read thread, needs further exposure and discussion.

Billy Batten as good as Old man Smiffy in his day? now there's a topic!

Billy Batten as good as Smithy, ~YES with out a doubt.

I was never a fan of either of them at their peak, but would agree that there is very little to separate the achievements of the 2 drivers in the battle to be ranked as the 2nd best ever behind Sir Robert Speak.

A question, a answer and agent provocateur ??

Who do you think is the best and WHY ??
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PostSubject: Re: Bill Batten, Stuart Smith or Rob Speak   Sat Jan 24, 2015 9:06 pm

by heck Elliott, are you getting bored in the closed season or what! geek

hummm? where do I begin?

according to a book I'm currently reading by some brummie bloke, Mr Batten won 462 finals in his career and at the height of his powers (the 70's) he won a massive 172 finals in that decade alone, however Mr Smith won 103 in just two seasons during the 70's and a total of 501 at his careers end, now that's dominance never seen before or to be seen ever again in either formula..

Both drivers amassed a huge number of final wins during their careers and Mr Smith's total in the F1's will never be beaten. Batten's F2's total is still within sights by Mr Moodie (when he isn't banned).... So out of these two drivers I would put Smith ahead of Batten, not only because of his sheer dominance from 1969 to 1981 in the national points championships but add to that his 6 world titles compared to Bill's 4....

Now Mr Speak, 349 F2 Final wins is very impressive and unlikely to be over taken by any further driver, plus another 20 odd in the ones'  then add in a record number of F2 National Points titles oh, and don't forget 8, yes 8 F2 World Titles which let's be honest, ain't no one ever gonna get close to that are they?... But this is where I think he's ahead of Smith for me, the best ever!

Both Batten and Smith were unbeatable week in week out in their respective formula for well over a decade, Speak also did the same in F2's but he has also had success in both Formula's unlike Smith and Batten, to win World Titles in both formula 1 and 2 is impressive, he has also won two Europeans titles in the F1's and also recently the silver roof (shoot out) in the F1's. So for me, that makes him a more all round driver  and just edges Super Stu into 2nd  affraid  affraid  affraid ...

I was too young to remember Smiffy's 1970's dominance and never really watched the twos until late 80's, so have only really seen one drivers complete career from its beginning to now and that's Speaky.. I dare say people who witnessed Battens or Smiths at their peak will say different but for me it's Mr Speak! So top 3 for me is

1: Rob Speak.
2: Super Stu.
3: Bill Batten.

Just for fun folks, please no throwing dummies out of prams, it's just an opinion.

ps... can I add

4: FWJ
5: Sir John
6: Andy Smith....
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PostSubject: Re: Bill Batten, Stuart Smith or Rob Speak   Thu Jan 29, 2015 9:37 am

This is a difficult to legislate as they are two totally different styles of competition

In f1 only I think it's a more difficult proposition.

I would say that Stuart Smith is still number 1, followed by John Lund and then possibly FwJ and Andy Smith jointed third, Speaky 4th.

If you open it up to all formulas like, F1,F2 and racing abroad it throws FwJ right into the mix with his overseas world titles.

I do think if the Dutch hadn't blatently cheated in 1977, Stuart would have won the Long Track.

There could be an argument that FWJ is the greatest " all round" stock car driver there has ever been.

Personally I don't think the completion is the same as it was in the 70's and 80's but having said that I feel it's balanced off by the fact that more of the field have top speck equipment than they did back in the day.

I suppose you can only really only be the best at the time you are racing and in my opinion it goes something like this,
1970-1985(ish), 391
1985(ish) to 1995(ish), 53
1995(ish) to 2005(ish) 515
2006-2011(ish) 391
2011- present day, take your pick.
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PostSubject: Re: Bill Batten, Stuart Smith or Rob Speak   Sun Mar 01, 2015 3:15 pm

Only two opinions on the greats of the two brisca formulas ?
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PostSubject: Re: Bill Batten, Stuart Smith or Rob Speak   

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Bill Batten, Stuart Smith or Rob Speak
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